Valentina Nappi, Athena Palomino Star in Digital Playground's 'Hand Solo'

Valentina Nappi, Athena Palomino Star in Digital Playground's 'Hand Solo'

BURBANK, Calif. — Digital Playground’s “Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody” debuts tomorrow.

The production, detailing one scoundrel’s rise to the top of the galaxy’s underworld, stars Valentina Nappi, Athena Palomino, Carly Rae Summers, Robby Echo, Isiah Maxwell and Danny D.

“Hand Solo” begins with a smuggler’s ship exploding around a nearby planet, leaving its precious cargo among the wreckage. It doesn’t take long for word to spread and soon every smuggler in the galaxy wants a piece of the prize.

Producer Danny D, who also stars as Choda Fett, was ecstatic with the project from the very beginning because it allowed for him and his crew to get more creative.

“When we started producing Hand Solo, I decided to build all of the sets in our studio, which allowed us a lot more creative freedom with set design and it really complements the film,” he said.

Once the parody’s extravagant sets were complete, the other key ingredient in bringing the world to life was the costumes.

“We sourced some amazing stylings and costumes,” Danny D said. “My personal favorite was Screwbacca! Everyone took a selfie with that guy and everyone in the crew wore the costume at some point during shooting.”

Check out the official safe-for-work trailer here. Check out here.