The Only Theodora, Alyssa Reece Lead Week's Top iWantEmpire Clips

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire has announced its best-selling clips of the week, including releases from The Only Theodora and Alyssa Reece. 

The week’s best clips are:

  1. “Fuck You Pay Me (hardcore version)” by The Only Theodora
  2. “Beg For My Forgiveness” by Alyssa Reece
  3. “Pu$$y Shower” by Goddess Sunshine
  4. “Sunshine Pu$$y Worship JOI” by Goddess Sunshine
  5. “All Men Pay” by Violet Doll

“This week’s top five clips have made their way to the top of our best-selling largely in part because of the quality of their content, passion and commitment to their art,” said iWantEmpire VP James Power. “When you generate clip sales on iWC, our platform goes to work for your brand in many ways. One being our clip sale auto-tweet feature that tweets a clip every time it’s sold. When fans of iWC see repeat notifications on the same clip, it automatically piques their interest which results in even more sales!”

Leading the top five is The Only Theodora's unique financial domination clip, "Fuck You Pay Me," followed by Alyssa Reece’s stern “Beg For My Forgiveness” clip. In third position is Goddess Sunshine with the booty-worship clip “Pu$$y Shower.” Next is her booty worship- and masturbation-themed “Sunshine Pu$$y Worship JOI” clip. The list culminates with Violet Doll and her clip “All Men Pay,” wherein the blonde performer commands her men to ante up.

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