Doc Johnson, ECN Remerchandise Deja Vu Bakersfield

Doc Johnson, ECN Remerchandise Deja Vu Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — In partnership with East Coast News, Doc Johnson has created two new displays for the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Bakersfield: a window display and an in-store installation.

The new displays highlight Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze line of hard-case strokers and were designed to drive in-store sales of the collection. Doc Johnson and ECN also installed new wayfinding signage for Deja Vu to assist shoppers navigating through the store.

“This partnership is the latest example of Doc Johnson’s ongoing commitment to its retail partners with growth-driving merchandising support,” a rep said. 

Doc Johnson Visual Merchandiser Krystal Silva said, “Deja Vu has been a strong retail partner to Doc Johnson for many years, so we were thrilled to support them with this project. The new merchandising suite we created for them (with strong support from East Coast News) will not only increase their in-store sales for Main Squeeze but will also help to create a more accessible environment for Deja Vu’s customers to shop in, thanks to the new wayfinding signage.”

Silva added, “As a bonus, the new Main Squeeze window is located within direct sight of the Deja Vu Showgirls Club. The amount of energy and foot traffic coming this location makes it perfectly placed to maximize interest and generate sales.”  

Doc Johnson Director of Sales Kerin De Francis said, “Working with great partners like Deja Vu and ECN on these types of initiatives throughout the years has helped us hone in on what makes the biggest impact. We are more committed than ever to innovating and supporting our partners with full-service marketing efforts and collaborations that directly increase their bottom line. Doc Johnson has recently been in the process of developing new in-store marketing and merchandising tools — and refining existing ones — to better help our retailers meet today’s challenges and achieve success. I can say without any hesitation that the more of these resources our partners use, the more growth they will experience.” 

Pete La Manita, director of marketing at East Coast News, said, “Doc Johnson shares our commitment to helping retailers more effectively merchandise, promote and drive sales for the products stocked on their shelves, so we were thrilled to partner with them on this latest project for Deja Vu Bakersfield. So far we’ve received rave reviews on these new Main Squeeze displays and we look forward to supporting our customers with even more creative, high-impact merchandising initiatives.”

East Coast News Senior Account Representative Kevin Mazakas added, “In the current retail market, branding and presentation are more important than ever. Consumers won’t be able to miss these new Main Squeeze displays, both from outside and inside the Deja Vu Bakersfield store. We’re anticipating a very successful campaign.”

Doc Johnson offers retailers a variety of merchandising tools to retailers, including point-of-purchase signage, product tester displays and custom merchandising support.

For more information on Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze collection, click here.

There will be an event held at the Deja Vu Bakersfield location to celebrate pride month. The Love Has No Labels Party will take place Saturday, June 9 from 7-10 p.m. (PDT). The event will feature refreshments, raffles, a wheel of discounts and free gift bags for the first 30 guests. The shop is located at 1620 Golden State Ave. Bakersfield, Calif., and can be reached at (661) 324-6969.