ManyVids Releases Statement on Harassment, Abuse, Bullying

ManyVids Releases Statement on Harassment, Abuse, Bullying

LOS ANGELES — ManyVids today issued a statement on harassment, hate speech, abusive conduct and bullying.

The platform said the following:

MV Stars and MV Members are part of a thriving sex-positive community. The MV Team requires that everyone within the community voluntarily agrees to abstain from promoting violence and hate against other MV Stars or MV Members on It is our mission to provide a safe, friendly, sexy space for everyone.

ManyVids is opposed to doxxing — the involuntary disclosure of personal information—threats of doxxing, blackmail and impersonation. We fully expect our community members to exhibit mutual respect and basic civility on our platform.

ManyVids also condemns improper online conduct occurring outside the platform, such as on various social media outlets, industry blogs, magazines or other media. We strongly believe in promoting civility in real life and online.

For more information on ManyVids community guidelines, click here