, Party Land Launch 'Sympathy for the Grumps' Music Video, Party Land Launch 'Sympathy for the Grumps' Music Video

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — has partnered with Los Angeles-based creative agency Party Land for the release of “Sympathy for the Grumps,” a nearly two-minute long music video full of sex-positive hilarity.

According to the company, the quirky video-with-a-message shot by director Michael Downing with Biscuit Filmworks is the product of a great creative partnership between Party Land and the marketing team at Adam & Eve.

“We were totally blown away with the idea Party Land presented,” Adam & Eve Marketing Director Chad Davis said. “But as the film came to life, with such a high production level, we knew we truly had something special that people could relate to.”

“There are so many people we easily dismiss as rotten eggs in this world,” Party Land CEO Matt Heath said. “But, the truth is they’re probably not hopelessly mean after all. Maybe they just need to have sex?”

“In a world that can use all the love it can generate,” Heath added, “it’s a beautiful message for a brand like Adam & Eve to champion and put out into the ether.”

The video can be seen here.