MV Mags Releases May Issue Featuring Coco Austin

MV Mags Releases May Issue Featuring Coco Austin

CYBERSPACE — Glamor model and reality TV star Coco Austin graces the cover of ManyVids’ May 2018 issue of MV Mag.

In the interview, Austin discusses her career, comeback and advice to others.

"I guess I got motivated when I won my first fitness competition for my body," Austin told MV Mag. "I said to myself, 'Hm, maybe I can take it beyond this point,' which then led to catalog work, swimsuit work, exotic modeling, nude modeling. Then I finally made it to Playboy and reached my goal."

The performer also talks about what every woman should own: "a really high pair of heels." Her pair is special, she says. "I got pregnant in them and they sit on my dresser as, like, a trophy. When people come to my house and I give them a tour I always show them these heels."

She goes on to discuss what sex-positivity means to her: "You don't have to be a certain way to feel sexy, you just have to be confident and show that sexy side. If you exude sexiness and confidence, it's automatically sexy in my book. ... There's a lot of shaming in the game, there's a lot of people [who] think females who show off their bodies in a certain way are 'nasty.' But it's actually about showing off what you worked so hard to accompish. I'm just confident when it comes to my body and how I dress. ... I'm sex-positive."

Austin also touches on her hiatus two years ago, when she "wanted to be a very hands-on mommy" and didn't want her daughter "to think that mommy was never home. So right now I'm kind of in the process of getting back in the groove."

The article is available online.

The May issue focuses on sex-positivity and explores confidence, sensuality, eroticism and more. The full magazine is available here.

Find high-resolution version of the photos in Austin’s spread here.