Kennston Network's Makes Its Debut

Kennston Network's Makes Its Debut

LOS ANGELES — Kennston Network today rolled out, created by Betty Black and Kristen Kraves.  

With, the Kennston Network for the first time is featuring a multi-trans adult site outside of its FTM brand, Black said.  

The new site will include casting couch interviews, a story-driven feature POV series, an amateur POV series and more.

“The concept to do an all trans POV site came from the minds of Betty Black and Kristen Kraves as they were trying to build content for their solo sites,” she said. “What makes TransPOV stand out from other trans POV sites is it is the first time it’s between two trans individuals may that be trans male or trans female.

“You will see scenes in oral and hardcore through the lens of the performers view. There is an exciting variety of genres from casting couch interviews with new girls.”

Kennston co-owner Michelle Austin said that she’s excited with the new website.

“When the girls brought up the idea, I was all for it,” Austin said. “I encouraged them to build content and make it special and unique and they have. It is their project, Kennston is just helping feature it to the world.”  

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