Jill Kassidy Stars in Pure Taboo's 'Future Darkly: Artifamily'

Jill Kassidy Stars in Pure Taboo's 'Future Darkly: Artifamily'

MONTREAL — Bree Mills and Pure Taboo present the studio’s latest forbidden-themed fantasy scene, “Future Darkly: Artifamily,” out today at PureTaboo.com. 

In the year 2095, Tommy Pistol’s recently deceased stepdaughter (Jill Kassidy) is brought back to life by way of a special artificial intelligence organization called Artifamily. The doctor (Nina Hartley in a non-sex role) assures him that this virtual being is a nearly identical replica in every way.

“What we do here at Artifamily is we perfectly recreate a personality match to your loved one,” the doctor explains. “We have upgraded her language capabilities, fully-integrated circuitry, fully Wi-Fi connected... she is just — just perfect!”

Directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead, “Future Darkly: Artifamily” explores the emotions of overwhelming grief after a tragic loss.

“Much has been made about cloning and artificial intelligence in the future, but is that such a good idea?” says Mills of her “Future Darkly” scene. “Jill Kassidy and Tommy Pistol are excellent in their acting performances, and they perfectly convey this cautionary tale of where technology is headed, for better or worse.” 

The trailer and full scene are available here.