Vice Industry Token Debuts Live Weekly Program

Vice Industry Token Debuts Live Weekly Program

LOS ANGELES — Vice Industry Token’s Stuart Duncan launched a weekly live-streamed program today that offers the latest company news surrounding the adult oriented-token.

Called “VITorious V.I.T. Show” and streamed on YouTube, the CEO, along with co-host Candice Ferrington, served up numerous nuggets of information about his growing operation as scores of adult websites begin using the token later this month.

The Vice Industry Token, or VIT, functions as two things — a video entertainment platform where viewers can watch videos, and as a cryptocurrency where anybody who participates (in viewing, adding, or curating content) will get paid with VIT's proprietary cryptocurrency.

Today, Duncan showed off the blockchain network’s brand-new logo that incorporates a V-shaped, red-and-orange diamond. The new logo will be included in a relaunched corporate website,, that is set to go live on Sunday at noon (EDT).

Duncan also explained that Vice Industry Token is beefing up its staff for upcoming business. It recently added six new sales associates and currently has 23 employees, he said.

Many will be on hand later this month at XBIZ Miami to further market the token. Also on hand at XBIZ Miami will be VIT spokesmodels Binaca Tusher, Ariana Tray and Chrissy LeBlanc, said Duncan, who noted that there will be token giveaways at the conference.

“Look how far we’ve come. It is obvious we are not a fly by night. We are the real thing,” Duncan said. “We’ll be a force in the adult industry and beyond. Here we are … with a massive industry, and we’re starting the right way.”

Duncan also announced some new affiliate partners that have signed up for Vice Industry Token. Just last month, in its largest deal, the company signed up Playboy to accept the token.

New affiliate partners, Duncan said, include,,, Angela,, and   

Duncan also said the company has struck a deal with to become the official exclusive cryptocurrency for the news blog. He noted the site is now owned by MindGeek.

He even noted that a new classified ad website called Frontpage, which has yet to launch, will be using VIT as the exclusive currency for its Backpage-like website.

Check out Vice Industry Token's website here. View this week's streamed video here.

Pictured: Vice Industry Token's new logo