eSensual Group Sponsors Erotic Audio Arts Collective

CYBERSPACE — eSensual Books, a platform for and curator of erotic audio, has announced that its collective, Erotic Audio Arts, is open to all audio artists, creators and producers. 

This new initiative is guided by “the hope that the voices of many will bring growing awareness to the challenges faced by creators in this niche branch of the adult audio market,” a rep said.

Essemoh Teepee, director of eSensual Books, said, “Content is hidden behind increasingly impenetrable filters. Many distributors are censoring and hiding away our work from the public. Retail outlets will not always accept our content and if they do, they’re able to change our cover prices, freebie offers and subscription services that do not pay creators and hide us from search results. This dramatically reduces royalties, so our income is consequently variable and out of our control.”

The rep continued, “eSensual Books wants to give the audio arts a supportive safe place to share information, experience and advice. A collective to not only support each other but give back to communities through supporting charities.“ 

Teepee added, “While we support the Audio Arts Collective, the AAC is to be a mutual initiative, to create a new market, not a corporate distributor simply taking a cut off the top.”

For more information click here or contact Executive Director Genevieve Ash at


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