Angela White, Mona Wales Star in Sweet Sinner's 'Forbidden Affairs 8'

Angela White, Mona Wales Star in Sweet Sinner's 'Forbidden Affairs 8'
MONTREAL — Angela White and Mona Wales star in “Forbidden Affairs 8: My Best Friend’s Husband,” the newest chapter of the taboo sex series from Mile High Media’s couples’ erotica studio Sweet Sinner. The movie is now available on DVD.
Directed by Jacky St. James, this latest installment also stars Pristine Edge, Vanessa Sky, Ryan McLane, Michael Vegas and Ricky Johnson. The DVD features four sex scenes shot in HD, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, a photo gallery and more.
“Angela brought a great edge as the woman wronged by her best friend, played beautifully by Mona Wales,” St. James said. “It’s a modern story of forbidden love and lust mixed with betrayal by a husband and a best friend, with a twist of sexual revenge mixed in. It’s great drama and great sex!”
“Forbidden Affairs 8: My Best Friend’s Husband” opens with Wales, who is forced into a delicate balance — keeping her best friend White happy while juggling a secret affair with White's husband, Vegas. Despite years of friendship, Wales just cannot control her desires and she indulges in a full-blown affair behind White’s back. Unsure how to navigate the tricky terrain, Wales seeks advice from her sister, Edge — who somehow managed to successfully break up a marriage and land the man of her dreams.
But, things become complicated for Wales when the guilt over betraying her best friend takes over. Wales now realizes her mistake and breaks off things with Vegas and starts dating another man. However, old habits die hard when Vegas refuses to let Wales move on and the affair starts back up again — but not without consequences. Wales' heart is bound to break — whether it is losing her best friend or her best friend’s husband — the man she cannot help but love.
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