Eldorado Offering Chance to Win In-Store Event

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado has announced the opportunity for retail stores to win a visit from The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) as part of a new Elevate U promotion encouraging learners to complete all 16 lessons.

Elevate U is a free, online, mobile-friendly sexual health and wellness education series. Retailers who complete all 16 lessons will earn their certification as a Community Sexual Health Resource. Associates who finish the entire series by May 23 will be entered to win an in-store educational event with Kira Manser, Clinical Director at The CSPH.

“Eldorado is thrilled with the enthusiasm we have received from retailers who are participating in the program,” said Allison Travers, Eldorado’s marketing communications director. “Through this educational store visit, we want to encourage more learners to enroll in and complete this beneficial program as well as strengthen sexual health and pleasure education at the customer level.” 

The winner will have the option to choose either a staff training session for their associates or to host a customer event where Kira will speak about a sexual health topic of their choice. Eldorado can create digital and print marketing collateral to help the winning store promote the event. The winner will be announced May 25. 

Manser said, "Congratulations to Elevate U learners who have successfully completed all 16 lessons! Erin and I are so happy that participants are finding value in this program and investing their time and effort into sexuality education. I’m looking forward to partnering with the winning retailer to share my knowledge and passion for sexual health and pleasure at your store. I know it will be an exciting event.”

Eldorado’s Elevate U series covers a variety of sexual health topics. A rep said, “The lessons are intended to empower Eldorado’s retailers with accurate sexual health information so they can confidently and correctly answer sexual health related questions. With this knowledge, retailers can offer customers an excellent in-store experience in order to create repeat business, become a trusted resource in their community and have a competitive advantage.” 

For more information about Elevate U and to enroll in the program, visit Eldorado.net/ElevateU or email ElevateU@eldorado.net.