Exsens Offers 'Sex on the Beach' Gourmet Warming Massage Oil

Exsens Offers 'Sex on the Beach' Gourmet Warming Massage Oil

PARIS — French intimate cosmetics company Exsens has announced the launch of its new Gourmet Warming Massage flavor, “Sex on the Beach.”

According to the company, this delicious, top-shelf massage gel joins other cocktail flavors including “Mint Mojito” and “Piña Colada,” just in time for summer. 

Exsens’ Sex on the Beach echoes the warmth of the summer-time cocktail made from vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and a splash of cranberry, using an alcohol-free formula. 

Exsens’ North American Brand Manager, Rebecca Pinette-Dorin, says the company’s line of Gourmet Warming Massage Oils are already best-sellers in the U.S., with their colorful packaging and amazing taste making them a must-have item.

“The formulas are non-sticky and non-staining, condom safe, vegan and paraben free,” Pinette-Dorin explains, exclaiming, “They are perfect for couples looking to heat things up in the bedroom, encouraging intimacy, foreplay and fun!”

“Everyone is sick to death of winter and ready for sun and fun. We are so happy to offer stores products which are all about summer — like our Glam Oil or our Sex on the Beach warming massage. I think they suit everyone’s mood to a T!” Pinette-Dorin adds, asking, “We’re ready for Glam Summer. Are you?”

Exsens will launch its annual #glamsummer social media campaign after Mother’s Day, “encouraging the world to embrace their inner-glam goddess with tasty tropical flavors and gleaming golden skin.”

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