Johnny Goodluck Is the 1st Male Performer to Take Over XCritic Snapchat

LOS ANGELES — This Sunday, Johnny Goodluck will be the first male adult performer to do a Snapchat Takeover for XCritic. 

For 24 hours Goodluck will be posting videos and photos as he tends bar at Mr. Furley’s. He will be sharing drink recipes, the secrets to making the best drinks and more.

“I chose a weekend so I could do something different for my Snapchat takeover,” Goodluck said. “I’m honored to be the first guy to do a takeover for them and can’t wait until Sunday. If you’re in the Los Angeles area feel free to stop by Mr. Furley’s in Sherman Oaks. Anyone who comes down will get a special drink at a special price.” 

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Book Goodluck by contacting Sandra at (818) 298-6939 or Anthony at (818) 428-0978. Find him on Twitter