Altitude Intimates Show's 2nd Day Focuses on Education

Altitude Intimates Show's 2nd Day Focuses on Education

LAS VEGAS — The Altitude Intimates Show saw a steady stream of attendees on the second day of the three-day trade show, which also featured five seminars that focused heavily on strategies to empower lingerie retailers.

From staying competitive within the internet retail marketplace to how to take advantage of trademark and copyright laws to build a brand, and how to raise money for a business, Altitude’s seminars were both informational and encouraging. The Key Fashion Trends Forecast panel provided a thorough look at 2018’s anticipated bestsellers and offered tips for retailers on how to best take advantage of them.

Mapale Lingerie & Resort CEO Angela Tobon kicked off the session by focusing on the more intrinsic factors that promote the sales of lingerie, such as providing an experience that embraces the five senses. Today’s selfie culture also is contributing to the demand of stylish apparel. Even a gym session can turn into a selfie photo shoot that’s shared online, and the look most women are going for is strong and confident.

“It’s a fashion statement that’s creating consumer demand,” Tobon said.

Today’s modern feminists also are investing in styles that are bold and empowering.

“Lingerie shoppers are women that want to take control,” Tobon said. “Styles that appeal to today’s shoppers feature bold lines and clean cuts. Also, you need to have a camouflage selection in your store.”

Details such as patches, buttons and bold prints are the latest style trends geared towards the independent, rebellious female consumer.’s vice president of merchandising Pilar Quintana Williams said that although it’s important to stay on the cutting edge, retailers should play it safe by following what they know about their own customers.

“You have to know when to put out trends,” she said, noting that retailers risk losing sales by launching into a new style trend too soon.

A major trend in lingerie fashion is the arrival of bodysuits in a range of cuts and materials. Long sleeves also are appearing in styles across lingerie and apparel in general.

J. Valentine owner Judy Valentine spoke on the evolution of festival fashion, calling 2018 “the year of self-expression.”

Among the accessories that are trending are pasties and fanny packs. She agreed that bodysuits are a popular item for festivalgoers, noting that for this demographic, durability is key.

“Ravers put their garments through a lot of wear and tear,” Valentine said, adding that the bodysuits should still be playful, feminine and fun. Among today’s most trendy fabrics for bodysuits are denim and velvet.

Valentine showed off a photo shoot styled by, which paired unconventional pieces from different manufacturers together to achieve unique festival looks. Williams said that the images from the shoot would be used in social media and marketing to encourage shoppers to create their own emsembles.

Valentine re-emphasized that it’s important to know one’s market. “Stay with the basics and then branch out into more experimental styles,” she said.

Female empowerment also is transcending into the world of adult costumes, Roma Costumes CEO Sam Fard said, adding that “bad-ass” female characters like Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider video game franchise are resonating with today’s shoppers.

Costumes are becoming more fashion-forward with designs that are based off of evening wear styles. Williams pointed out that some of the same dresses that are part of costumes are also available in alternative fabrics or colors as elegant club wear styles. The key element to a costume is often the accessories, which can include hair extensions, crowns, chokers, headbands or ears.

Meanwhile on the Altitude show floor, buyers continued to flock from booth to booth to check out the latest intimacy goods and lingerie styles being showcased.

Satisfyer showcased its selection of pleasure products for women, men and couples at its booth that features fully stocked shelves of products — including its nine iterations of the flagship Satisfyer suction toy for women and the new Satisfyer Men masturbator and lubricants. The company also showcased its Partner line of C-shaped couples vibrators, including the latest edition that comes with a remote control.

At the front of the booth Satisfyer is playing its promotional videos on a big-screen TV while its many ads and acknowledgments in various mainstream women’s mags, including Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health, are being showcased front and center.

According to Satisfyer’s Jerome Bensimon, the new Satisfyer Pro Traveler is garnering a lot of buzz for its discreet design.

“Lots of people have told me that it’s more of a lifestyle product,” he said. “They think it’s a Samsung product or it could be a facial cleanser — I love that people confuse it for non-sexual items.” showcased new additions to its Lux Fetish collection, as well as four new C&B Gear styles. The Vibe Therapy collection is a new line from the manufacturer, which features 18 different vibrators, including rabbit vibe styles, bullets, kegel balls and a remote-controlled vibe.

“This line is a lot softer than our Hustler brand toys,”’s Zach Goode said of the Vibe Therapy line that features product names such as Serenity, Regal, Delight and Zest.

Margaux O’Donoghue from Swiss Navy told XBIZ that the Florida-based manufacturer of premium sexual wellness products this year is focusing on women. Prominently showcased at the Swiss Navy booth is the brand’s Viva Cream sexual enhancer, Desire female enhancement pills, and Sensual Arousal Premium Lubricant.

At Entrenue’s booth, Fun Factory director of sales Luzoralia Corvera-Acosta held down the company’s expansive display while promoting the newest addition, the Volta.

“It’s part of the G5 family and it features six modes — it’s the first G5 vibe for clit stimulation,” she said. The Volta is being promoted with the tagline “power to the clit."

The Volta features flaps that can vibrate strongly for targeted clit stimulation or they can be spread open to vibrate against a broader area, in addition to being insertable.

“The Volta is outperforming all of our other SKUs and it’s only been out since January,” Corvera-Acosta said.

Man Wand made its U.S. debut at Altitude as a lightweight wand massager designed for male masturbation. According to a company spokeperson, the wand was created to offer men their own version of the ever-popular wand massager.

The ergonomically shaped massager features two flaps that surround the shaft of the penis with vibration. The wand’s streaked handle allows users to secure a good grip on the vibe. The Man Wand features 20 vibration modes and is USB-rechargeable. “It comes in beautiful box packaging that was inspired by men’s skincare products,” the spokesperson said.

Cloud 9 showcased new smaller, more flexible additions to its Air Touch series. The Air Touch IV G-Spot features an enhanced upper end curve and an ergonomic handle with 12 suction modes.

Cloud 9 Novelties is also offering the new Air Touch V, which features 12 independent functions that combine clitoral stimulation with a classic rabbit. The two new Air Touch products are available in plum.

According to Cloud 9’s Charlette Lopez, the vibes are 30 percent smaller that the original models. Air Touch also added a new color — teal to its offerings.

Other new Cloud 9 releases include the Health & Wellness Massager Kit that comes with attachments. Lopez said the included attachments are meant to serve as introductory items in hopes that the shopper will want to further explore the brand’s selection of wand attachments.

“We always like to offer bonuses for shoppers — we often include multiple items in our packages,” Lopez said. “Air Touch includes storage pouches, and our dongs are packaged with cock rings.”

The Altitude Intimates Show wraps tomorrow afternoon.