MysteryVibe Launches 'Orgasm Gap' Billboard Campaign in London

MysteryVibe Launches 'Orgasm Gap' Billboard Campaign in London

LONDON — Fresh off a successful funding round, pleasure products startup MysteryVibe has partnered with the McCann London ad agency to launch a billboard campaign to raise awareness about the so-called “orgasm gap.” 

While the gender pay gap has sparked debate left and right, the orgasm gap is in full swing, according to Stephanie Alys, MysteryVibe’s co-founder and chief pleasure officer.

Research shows that among heterosexual couples, men have three orgasms for every one orgasm a woman enjoys, she noted.

“When it comes to the orgasm gap, there’s a lot of work to be done? —? not just in raising awareness, but in exploring the reasons why it’s so hard for women to demand orgasms during sexual relationships,” Alys said.

With the awareness campaign, MysteryVibe has launched a media campaign — a series of three large billboards posted in London and a website,, that illustrates research on why the gap exists.

By highlighting the lack of knowledge in a playful way, MysteryVibe hopes to encourage more partners to focus on the clitoris and get people to talk more openly about female masturbation, so that it becomes as socially acceptable as it is with men.

“Talk is rife at the moment about gender gaps, so MysteryVibe’s timing is spot on in sending a powerful message about achieving equality in the bedroom for heterosexual couples,” said Rob Doubal, chief creative officer at McCann London. “This campaign is one of a kind that will contribute in a major way to ending the taboo subject of the gender orgasm gap.”

U.K.-based, female-founded MysteryVibe manufactures the luxury vibrator Crescendo, billed as the world’s first body-adapting smart vibrator.

Earlier this month, MysteryVibe revealed that it has closed its latest round of funding with $1.5 million in new investments, bringing the total outside capital raised by the company to $4 million.

Pictured: A MysteryVibe billboard in London