iWantEmpire Shines a Spotlight on Violet Doll

iWantEmpire Shines a Spotlight on Violet Doll

LOS ANGELES — Popular fetish artist Violet Doll is the featured artist in iWantEmpire’s “Artist Spotlight,” a new weekly section on iWantBlog.com promoting top trending artists.

According to the company, iWantClips offers fans a truly elite experience, featuring a vast variety of talented artists who share their unique style and art to a worldwide audience.

“The amazing Violet Doll is the second artist we’re featuring on Artist Spotlight,” says Jay Phillips president and co-founder of iWantEmpire. “Violet is a consummate artist with a passion for her work and her fans. Her sexy personality and love for her art have made her among the most popular artists on iWantClips. Find out why in Artist Spotlight!”

Phillips notes Artist Spotlight is an interview-style feature that gives the iWantEmpire community a deeper look into the lives of top artists.

“The 10-question, breezy question-and-answer format delves into each artist’s life and work, showcasing photos of the featured artist,” Phillips adds. “The section is promoted extensively on social media as well as on iWantEmpire’s other platforms.”

Violet Doll is known for financial domination and body worship clips where she teases and encourages her fans to worship her.

“I saw a few girls I’ve known for years from other sites using [iWantClips] and figured I could trust it if they did. Ended up being one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made,” Doll says. “I’ve been in sex work for quite some time. I did a lot of camming and modeling before iWantEmpire, and even worked in a strip club.”

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