On the Set: Best New Starlets 'Unleashed' by Kay Brandt

On the Set: Best New Starlets 'Unleashed' by Kay Brandt

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ Award-winning director and prolific erotica author Kay Brandt, whose masterpieces include the “Baumgartners” saga, “Forked" and “Naked,” is going all-girl/all-sex with her latest for Adam & Eve.

And because she's all about paying tribute to the very best in the biz, keeping her finger on the throbbing pulse of cutting-edge relevance, her multi-starlet showcase “Unleashed” brings together numerous 2018 XBIZ Best New Starlet nominees ... such as Riley Nixon, Eden Sin, Jill Kassidy, Whitney Wright and Moka Mora, as well as the 2018 XBIZ Best New Starlet herself Honey Gold ... not to mention XBIZ Award-nominated talent like Elena Koshka, Scarlet Sage and Eliza Jane, all working with their respective scene partners for the first time.

Kicking off a two-day shoot, Brandt executes the first scene on a well-equipped sound stage in North Hollywood. She has a large A-list crew headed by the industrious (and notoriously irreverent) videographer-director Mike Quasar, who was also behind the camera for her “Baumgartner” movies (not to mention legions of other films, given his prolific output).

“I’ve literally shot more porn than anyone in porn,” Quasar announces at one point, and there’s no reason to doubt that. His humor, as always, elicits belly-deep laughter from anyone within earshot.

Everyone seems to be feeling fresh and ready to rock. Nixon and Gold — fresh from their stint as Trophy Girls for the 2018 XBIZ Awards — are lounging and chatting as their colleagues Kassidy and Wright get ready for sex. Petite and beautiful Sin sits quietly on the sofa alongside Koshka, who will administer dominatrix pleasures to the delightfully submissive Nixon, Wright and Sin in a scene later that evening.

Kassidy is all in white, with a pink ribbon in her hair. Wright wears dark blue lingerie, matching her stunning sapphiric eyes. She also sports a medium-sized strap-on. They will be having sex in a narrow stairwell, and the confined space will necessitate some rather acrobatic position changes.

Brandt directs them from a dual monitor showing angles from two cameras, one straight ahead, the other shooting down from a platform above the set. The girls get together and start going at it. Wright kneels before Kassidy, kissing and caressing, as Brandt and line producer David Lord watch intently on the monitor.

Wright caresses Kassidy’s round firm ass and sucks her tits. She spreads her legs and licks. Kassidy moans softly as her pussy is probed. She sucks on Wright’s strap-on.

Brandt interjects: “Good job, you guys, keep it up!” Kassidy bounces on Wright’s strap-on, supporting herself on the banisters of the stairwell. Wright massages her clit from behind. Kassidy is getting herself off as she pumps up and down on Wright’s “cock.” Now they transition to a standing doggie, with Kassidy penetrated from behind by strapped-on Whitney, who’s standing on her tip-toes.

“Okay, perfect,” Brandt commends. “Now turn around and take her clothes off.” Kassidy complies, sucking on Wright’s pussy, making her moan for real. She is straddled on the stairs, her feet on the bars, leaving her pussy exposed for Wright’s fingers and tongue. Those digits are working overtime.

“Good job, that was gorgeous!” is the director’s verdict. Then, it’s time to shoot the necessary softcore coverage, meaning the girls go through the whole thing again, but not for real, and with their backs turned to the camera so no insertion can be seen. Lots of moaning. And no strap-on. “Okay, moving on,” the director decrees.

During a break in the action, Brandt explains how “Unleashed” is different from her “Baumgartner” films, succinctly responding, “There’s no dialogue, no story. They — the girls — are the story.”

As for Wright, she has been in adult for about a year and a half. “I’m a little more partial to boy-girl,” she says but admits that using a strap-on was fun. “Jill is a sweetheart.”

At age 28, she can pass for much younger. “I still get cast in a lot of teen roles,” she laughs, adding, “I’m going to stay in the industry for as long as I can." Wright is jazzed at being a new “Spiegler Girl,” a client of famed agent Mark Spiegler. She has been a member of his elite group for just three months. “He’s so good,” she coos.

Kassidy, for her part, is also a year-and-a half in the business. Given the choice between GG or BG, she prefers “BBG the most,” but even better, she reconsiders, is BGG. Her rep is LA Direct Models and she has high praise for head honcho Derek. “It’s been really good since I’ve been with them.”

Kassidy gained widespread praise for her work in the lead role of “Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy.” “I didn’t think I’d be a good actress,” she confesses, “but I’ve become comfortable with it. And I’m going to get even better.” Today is special for her because it represents three firsts: Working for Adam & Eve, working with a strap-on and working with Wright.

Nixon and Gold are enjoying each other while waiting for their scene to begin. “I can’t believe we’ve never worked together before!” They say it practically in unison, laughing. They’ll be doing a massage scene, with lots of oil.

Gold goes on about how much she loves massages. “I talk too much,” she giggles. “I don’t talk at all,” Nixon counters, then says that she’s been in the biz around two years. It’s also her first time shooting for Adam & Eve.

She’s worked with most of the top companies but there’s still a few she wants to hook up with. The next day, she’ll have a squirting scene with Sage and Mora. “I hope [they squirt],” she grins. “I don’t squirt but I love to be squirted on.” She’ll also be doing a “kinky scene with Elena Koshka and some other girls,” alluding to the BDSM scene that evening.

Gold, a member of the oft-awarded OC Modeling roster helmed by the queenly Sandra, gets emotional when asked about winning Best New Starlet from XBIZ this year. Her reaction is one of “disbelief,” because “my background is one of rejection.”

She says, “I never won anything ... so to stand up there and be awarded for something I love was something I never expected to find in my lifetime. There are so many people in the industry I’ve loved and admired and to be able to stand up there and have them cheer me on ... it was the first time in my life I felt accepted, and I’ve never found that anywhere.” Her speech that night was the most powerful one delivered during awards season, bar none.

Next, Brandt orchestrates solo interviews with the girls, as each one sits on a director’s chair and talks about their passion for all things sexual, before setting up the Gold and Nixon lovefest on a white sofa. Each starlet delivers a scorching performance, with deep moans and ecstatic cries of pleasure.

The crew soon hustles and bustles as Gold and Nixon cool off, hanging gossamer curtains from the high ceiling to billow with silken beauty, amidst dance club lights emitting a myriad of colors. Everyone gets scantily clad for an alluring dance-a-thon, replete with swaying hips and grinding. A few group shots later, the girls take a break to munch on snacks and change into more hardcore garb.

In a nearby room, red lights bathe a dungeon-like setup, with leathery straps and various BDSM implements. But before the scene, each of its stars — Sin, Nixon, Koshka and Wright — film a solo masturbation sequence. The raw purity of Sin’s spellbinding seduction, in particular, elicits gasps from onlookers, especially Gold, whose mouth hangs open in awe at the rawness as she sits behind the camera with Brandt.

“I just really, really love having sex,” confesses Sin, an exotic spinner who is half Native American, half Irish and one hundred percent succubus, not to mention a superb deepthroater. Like Mora, she is an ATMLA girl through and through, with the much-beloved Mark Schechter.

“I can’t wait for Elena to dom the fuck out of me,” Sin enthuses, bouncing giddily on her toes like an innocent ingénue. “I might seem quiet and shy, but once the clothes come off ... destroy me daddy! Gangbangs, blowbangs, anal, whips and chains, I’m a fiend — the more hardcore, the better. And I love pussy, just as much as dick.”

As the ladies are strapped into place, Koshka proves an adept dominatrix, binding Nixon to a device that brings to mind the flayed man heraldry of the Bolton family in Game of Thrones. Wright is trussed up on a board and Sin is tied to a medieval looking chair.

With deft ease, the incredibly tall Koshka slaps, chokes and licks her subs into a frenzy of orgasmic bliss. Brandt, as always, knows when to let the action unfold naturally, and when to apply more direct pressure. Koshka makes them all beg for it first, taunting each with a taste of her lover’s tongue. Once she goes to town on Sin, the sweat begins to pour behind the camera as much as in front.

Beyond an additional scene the following day with Sage and Mora squirting on Riley, there is a final group scene with Jane, Gold, Kassidy and Sage, plus Edyn Blair doing a non-sex turn as a pole dancer.        

Suffice to say, Brandt’s all-starlet extravaganza looks to be one of 2018’s most eagerly anticipated porn releases, packed as it is with stardom and that uniquely Brandt-ian aesthetic that captivates with subtlety and finesse. Given such a stellar lineup and that signature Adam & Eve polish, “Unleashed” is sure to generate massive sales and critical acclaim. Bravo, Ms. Brandt.

For more on-set coverage of Brandt’s past masterpieces, be sure to check out XBIZ exclusives on “Naked,” “Forked” and “Babysitting the Baumgartners.”

Featured image courtesy of Adam & Eve (from left to right: Eden Sin, Honey Gold, Riley Nixon and Elena Koshka).

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