FSC: Production Hold Expected to Be Lifted by Thursday

FSC: Production Hold Expected to Be Lifted by Thursday

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition said Tuesday that it anticipates adult content production will be able to resume Thursday.

A moratorium has been imposed since this past Thursday when a PASS database-listed adult performer tested positive for HIV.

The FSC said the following:

PASS medical advisors have informed the FSC that they expect the results of the final first-generation PASS performers to be returned Wednesday. As those performers used both condoms and testing on shoots, we anticipate that their results will be clear as well.

PASS medical advisors do not see any evidence of an on-set transmission, or a risk to the integrity the performer pool. FSC appreciates the community’s patience during the past week, and the commitment to the hold. Precautionary holds are difficult, but they are essential in protecting the health and safety of performers in the PASS system.

We will provide another update as early as possible tomorrow. If PASS medical advisors determine that it is appropriate, the hold can be lifted Thursday.