Jennifer White Wins 3 Spank Bank Awards

VENICE, Calif. — Adult performer Jennifer White won three Spank Bank awards last week.

White was nominated for 16 categories. She won Most Overdue for Her Own Showcase, Blowbang/Bukkake Badass of the Year and Gangbanged Girl of the Year.

“I was so excited to hear about my three Spank Bank wins this year,” White said. “Two of them are for group sex work, which is something I dearly love. They are also a lot of work, so it’s nice to get some recognition. You don’t get gangbanged in hopes of winning awards, but it’s a nice thing to get afterwards when the glow has faded and the come long since been cleaned up. And I also agree that I’m overdue for a showcase. Maybe this award will remind companies that I am ready and able to do one.”

In recent months White has branched out into erotic writing with her literary debut, “My First Time: Jennifer White's Erotic Fantasies.”

“I’ve been working really hard on the next book,” she said. “I hoped to have it done by now, but I’m working hard on the story structure. The first book really just came together quickly I think because it was based on my first-time experiences, but now that I’m less specific I feel like I really need to put them together so they have the same impact. I love what I have so far and can’t explain how much writing turns me on. I literally have to stop and masturbate at least two or three times before I can finish a single story. It really helps me remember the action and put the words in order. I never expected that to happen!”