Stormy Daniels Arrives at N.Y. Courthouse for Michael Cohen Hearing

Stormy Daniels Arrives at N.Y. Courthouse for Michael Cohen Hearing

NEW YORK — Adult superstar Stormy Daniels, as she was escorted into a New York federal courthouse on Monday, tripped and almost fell on a wet sidewalk as she was swarmed by scores of photographers.

Daniels arrived at 11 a.m. local time today to view a hearing over documents seized from President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

A sea of photographers knocked over barricades as they shot pictures of her as she arrived in a pastel pink knee-length skirt and suit jacket along with high heels. (View a FOX TV video of her entrance to the court here.)

Cohen was in court to ask a judge to limit the ability of prosecutors to review documents seized from him last week as part of a criminal investigation.

As the hearing got underway, Daniels took a seat towards the back of the public gallery with her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, Reuters said.

Avenatti told ABC that he and Daniels attended the hearing “to maintain or ensure that the integrity of the documents, whatever was seized, is maintained.” 

Federal prosecutors have asked that the seized documents be reviewed for attorney-client privilege by a “filter team” of lawyers within their own office.  

Another option is to set up a "special master" who would vet the material to determine what is protected and what isn't.

Trump's lawyers also say they also want some form of prior review.

A judge on Friday ordered that Cohen be present at Monday’s hearing so that he could answer questions about his clients.

Daniels is involved in a separate but related legal battle with Cohen over a $130,000 payment made to her as part of a 2016 agreement to stop her from discussing a sexual encounter she said she had with Trump in 2006.

“It’s a stormy day,” Avenatti told ABC. “I think Michael Cohen is in a lot of trouble.”