FSC Issues Update on Production Hold

FSC Issues Update on Production Hold

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition today issued a statement relative to yesterday’s news that an adult performer under the PASS system has tested positive for HIV and that a porn-production moratorium has been imposed.

The FSC said the following:

The PASS medical advisors working with the performer have informed us that the initial test result has now been confirmed and that the performer in question is asking for medical privacy. The performer has requested to work and communicate with FSC solely through their PASS medical advisors.

We are currently following established protocols and working with those PASS advisors and production companies to confirm relevant facts, including shoot schedule, testing dates, and any partners. Only once these are confirmed, we will be able to retest all performers who might have had contact during the testing window, on-set or off-set. Until then, we will not have a final date as to when the production hold can be lifted.

We thank the industry for its cooperation. We understand that production holds are difficult for performers, producers and agents alike, but is critical that we protect the safety and well-being of our workers. Production holds like this one have successfully prevented HIV from being transmitted on PASS-regulated adult sets for over 14 years.

We ask that both the press and those within our community refrain from speculating on or disclosing the identity of the performer. All performers deserve medical privacy and personal compassion — values our community has fought for forcefully over the past several years. Fear, shame and stigma are preventable.