DS Dolls Debuts Lifelike Robotic Head

DS Dolls Debuts Lifelike Robotic Head

LOS ANGELES — Cloud Enterprises has announced the debut of a lifelike robotic doll head that is set to add a new level of intimacy to high-end DS Doll silicone bodies ranging from 158-167cm.

Cloud Enterprises has promoted DS Dolls in the U.K. and Europe since 2015. According to the company, the First Generation Robotic Head can produce an incredible range of facial expressions and human gestures directed by an app or game controller.

“Ideal for photography or play, it can even access MP4 files to play songs or voice recordings,” says a company spokesperson. “The doll’s head is intricately painted to recreate makeup and features fine details such as eyelashes for a truly realistic appearance.”

A video is available here and pre-orders are currently being accepted with a £300 deposit.

The spokesperson reveals that research and development is currently underway for a Second Generation Robotic Head that will be able to converse via a Siri-style interaction, answering questions from a programmed database on the internet. 

“This doll can move her neck and follow sound, as well as be automated to complete a range of actions including blinking or nodding — and even control devices such as the air conditioning or lights in your home,” the spokesperson explains. “Both heads will fit the recently-released Evolution Doll, which is incomparable with any other robotic technology.”

Unveiled in December, the Evolution Doll features a fixed vagina with a depth of 15-16cm and textured skin for a realistic look and feel, and currently retails for £3,095. Other DS Dolls start at £999. The dolls feature customizable hair, skin, and eye color, plus options for pubic hair and painted nails.

“Their hands have been reduced to be in better proportion with the body, more knuckle details have been added to increase realism and feet have brand-new powder-coatings for a better sensory experience,” the spokesperson concludes. “Engineers have completely redesigned the spine for all round better flexibility and collarbones have been reduced in size for a more true-to-life appearance.”

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