JustFor.Fans Adds Sexting to Performer Platform

JustFor.Fans Adds Sexting to Performer Platform

LOS ANGELES — JustFor.Fans has announced the addition of sexting to its arsenal of tools.

According to the company, this newest feature is tightly integrated into the rest of the JustFor.Fans self-publishing platform.

JustFor.Fans Owner Dominic Ford says the company’s goal is to provide models with every possible way to make money off of their content.

“Our latest addition allows models to interact directly with fans via texting,” Ford explains. “They can send and receive photos, movies, and normal texts, and they make money on all of it. Additionally, they can open their numbers to just their subscribers or to everyone.”

Ford says non-subscribers pay more for the interaction and can type “follow” at any time to subscribe to the model’s page on JustFor.Fans.

“Additionally, every photo or video a model sends gets added to their Media Center on the platform so they can re-use the content later (such as posting it to their feed),” Ford says. “This feature adds to the other features already on the site, including selling movie downloads, selling hard goods in a user’s online store, and letting users subscribe to their feed of videos and photos.”

Ford reveals the site will be adding live cams and more next.

“The site has many more features it continues to add,” Ford concludes, “and aims at providing a one-stop shop for models to control their content and make money from it.”

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