ExoClick Updates NeverBlock Anti-Adblock Tool

ExoClick Updates NeverBlock Anti-Adblock Tool

BARCELONA — ExoClick has announced the revamp of its NeverBlock ad-block circumvention solution.

According to the company, NeverBlock’s advanced technology bypasses ad blockers to recapture revenue for publishers and is compatible with all browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc., and on all platforms and devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet and Smart TV.

Previously, NeverBlock’s technology supported banners and popunders, while the new update now also supports additional ad formats, including native ads, sticky banners, and desktop and mobile instant message ads.

There are now two implementation options: Automatic implementation for PHP-based websites or manual implementation. Additionally, there is a new NeverBlock API with instructions for unsupported languages such as Lua, Python, Ruby, etc., while a plugin has also been developed to easily integrate NeverBlock ad zones into WordPress-powered sites.

Vitally, NeverBlock’s improved script ensures it is compatible with multiple ad blockers, not just ABP.

“NeverBlock is available for free to all ExoClick clients and is a simple process of placing a line of code on your website,” ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé said. “Our unique technology ensures that advertisements still get shown even if a user has ad-blocking software installed and switched on.”

“This update gives publishers even more options to gain revenues from ad-blocked traffic,” Fonzé adds.

As a measure of its success, the company revealed some NeverBlock statistics from 2017, which show more than 92 billion ad-blocked impressions circumvented; with the best results seen in the U.S., Germany, India, France, Switzerland, Indonesia, U.K., Netherlands, Canada, and Russia.

As for devices, NeverBlock circumvented ad-blocked impressions for 71.7 percent of desktop users, 26.1 percent of mobile users, 1.8 percent of tablet users, and nearly half-a-percent of smart TV users.

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