Stripchat Models Reveal Preference for 'Dad Bods' Over 'Fit Bods'

Stripchat Models Reveal Preference for 'Dad Bods' Over 'Fit Bods'

LIMASSOL — has announced the results of a recent polling of its top live cam models regarding preferences in men’s body types, asking the girls whether they prefer “Dad Bods” or “Fit Bods.”

The survey shows 70 percent prefer the Dads Bods.

According to the company, the models said they preferred the relaxed vibe of guys who own the Dad Bod, described as “a guy that works, plays games, eats, hangs out with his buddies and drinks; not into exercising, and could have some extra cushion in the mid-section,” over the “Fit Bod,” described as “a guy who is physically fit, cares for his body, puts in lots of gym time and does physical sports.”

Gabby Daniels says she loves country boys “because they aren’t fat, but they are big and strong.”

“Honestly, I hate abs! They make me feel bad about eating. So yeah, I would probably lean towards the Dad Bod,” Daniels declares. “I know the Fit Bod isn’t for me!”

“I love looking at a Fit Bod because it’s so hot,” says Jessica Sage. “But as a long-term aspect .… I need a Dad Bod for me.”

Xlaceystarzx is another fan of the Dad Bod.

“I always have loved a bit of chunk on my men. It makes it better to cuddle with and they’re usually a lot better in bed,” Xlaceystarzx says. “Plus, they also enjoy food as much as me.”

Ginger Rose also joins the Dad Bod chorus.

“I love pretty tall men with a little belly. I don’t like those guys that look like bodybuilders or have a lot of muscle packs. I love regular guys!” Rose reveals. “I was never a girl who worked her ass at the gym and I think that a normal guy will complete me.”

For her part, AshlineKatte simply likes “regular guys” because with them she can have a normal conversation, “not all about being fit, abs, muscle, carbs, diets.”

“Sorry, not my type of guy!” AshlineKatte exclaimed. “I want someone that pays more attention to my hot body than admiring his.”

“I love guys that look normal, not a very big fan of muscles and stuff,” SophiaPearlXXX said. “I am also a girl that regularly goes to the gym but I never like a guy that has his biceps bigger than my waist. These big muscles are there to cover some missing parts from their pants.”

Concluding the roundup, DeliciousAngel preferred “both of them, in a way.”

“I go to the gym because that helps me to feel so much better every day. I try to follow the quote ‘healthy mind in a healthy body,’” DeliciousAngel revealed. “[At] the same time, I’m lucky with my body, because I eat everything I want, anytime I want. So, in a way, I’m in both categories.”

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