John Turi Selected as Sportsheets' New Marketing Director

John Turi Selected as Sportsheets' New Marketing Director

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — John Turi, who has a background in design, branding and online strategy, has been tapped as Sportsheets’ new marketing director.

Turi’s focus will be on brand refinement and expansion through all channels, as well as developing an online strategy for deeper brand awareness, growth and fraud prevention.

Sportsheets offers more than 300 specialty items, including restraints, sexual positioning products and strap-on harnesses, among other products.

“The entire team is thrilled to have him on board,” said Julie Stewart, president of Sportsheets “His experience, knowledge and creativity bring huge value to our company and when combined with his belief in our brand and our mission, John is the perfect fit for the camaraderie and team spirit principles, that Sportsheets prides itself on.”

“This marks a new day for Sportsheets,” added Tom Stewart, the company’s founder and CEO. “We feel very strongly that John will help us connect with our customers on a much deeper level and in a more meaningful way. Our customers are the backbone of our business and John shares our philosophy and passion.”

Kimberly Harding-Stewart, who leads company sales for Sportsheets, said Turi’s background in marketing is extensive, "and he brings his great skill set and belief in the importance of branding at a time when Sportsheets is ready to take marketing to the next level."

“We anticipate improved store support and greater cohesiveness in our messaging which, we know our customers will appreciate,” Harding-Stewart said.

She said Turi will utilize and leverage the successful marketing efforts already created by Joanne Queenin and will expand from there.

“I’ve also got some new ideas that I’ve saved for this exact moment. Sportsheets is the company I’ve been waiting for my whole career, and I’m so happy to be here, now,” Turi said. “It’s only made sweeter by the fact that I’m joining the team just in time for our 25-year anniversary. It’s a big deal, and it’s not lost on me.”