Exile Offers Manipulative Media's 'Step Brother Sister Perversions'

Exile Offers Manipulative Media's 'Step Brother Sister Perversions'

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution has announced Manipulative Media will ramp up production once again, starting in April, with the release of "Step Brother Sister Perversions."

Directed by Levi Cash, "Step Brother Sister Perversions" features Tiffany Watson, Joseline Kelly, Ivy Stone and Sydney Cole. To purchase the DVD, click here.

"It's the first title that Levi Cash has put back out from Manipulative Media," Howard Levine of Exile Distribution told XBIZ. "He was one of the original people who shot a lot of stuff from Forbidden Fruits, so it's extremely nasty and excellently shot." Levine strongly recommended that purchasers, "Buy a lot!"

The slick box cover teases, "Brothers and sisters have always had a special bond growing up. But when mixed with twisted sexual desires, it quickly unravels their better moral judgement and brings them closer than they have ever been before! Watch as these blended family siblings use temptation, blackmail and sexual manipulation to act out their perverted urges with each other! But don't worry, the one thing they are very good at is keeping secrets from their parents. And this is the biggest secret of them all."

For sales and distribution information, contact Levine at howard@exiledist.com.