Stormy Daniels Crowdfunding Drive Skyrockets to $250,000

Stormy Daniels Crowdfunding Drive Skyrockets to $250,000

LOS ANGELES — Stormy Daniels has raked in about $250,000 since her CrowdJustice campaign launched to help pay her legal fees.

News about the CrowdJustice dollar amount comes several days after President Trump’s legal counsel said that Daniels owes at least $20 million already for violating a “hush” agreement over an alleged affair.

More than 8,000 people have contributed to the CrowdJustice fund, which launched last week

Trump wants Daniels’ lawsuit to dissolve a hush agreement about an alleged affair removed to federal court, claiming Daniels owes at least $20 million already for violating the agreement.

Daniels sued Trump last week at Los Angeles Superior Court claiming the $130,000 hush contract is invalid because he did not sign it.

Daniels said that when Trump heard she wanted to reveal their alleged affair to the media, he and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, “aggressively sought to silence [Daniels] as part of an effort to avoid her telling the truth, thus helping to ensure he won the presidential election.”

Cohen, according to the suit, subsequently prepared a draft nondisclosure agreement and presented it to Daniels and her attorney.

Trump used the pseudonym David Dennison and Daniels is listed as Peggy Peterson, according to the seven-page lawsuit with 28 pages of attachments, including the agreement.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, offered to drop the complaint and return the $130,000 Daniels received if Trump dissolved the hush agreement. Cohen and Trump ignored the offer.

On Friday, another Trump attorney, Brent Blakely, filed a notice to remove the lawsuit to federal court, joining Trump as a defendant “aka David Dennison.”

The move was calculated because the demand amount now exceeded state-court maximums. Trump’s camp, according to the motion, said that Daniels owed $1 million for each of the more than 20 times she’s violated the hush agreement.

According to the notice, Daniels “breached the confidentiality provisions of the settlement agreement numerous times,” and Trump’s counsel said they will follow up the removal request with a demand to compel arbitration.

Meanwhile, the CBS "60 Minutes" interview with Daniels is slated to air on Sunday.

On Saturday, Avenatti told MSNBC: "I am highly confident that when [the American people] have an opportunity to hear from my client, when they have an opportunity to observe her body language and hear what she has to say that they will conclude that she is absolutely credible, and they will conclude that she has a significant amount of veracity and is to be believed.”

In other news about Daniels, Pornhub said today that searches for the adult superstar has reached heavenly numbers — searches have increased 70,000 percent on the adult tube site.

“She had a consistent daily average of 2,500 searches per day over the last couple years until the story first came out,” Pornhub spokesman Chris Jackson told the Daily Caller.