Dallas Novelty Featured in Vice Tonic Article on Disability, Sex Toys

Dallas Novelty Featured in Vice Tonic Article on Disability, Sex Toys

DALLAS — Adult toy retailer Dallas Novelty is featured in a Vice Tonic article, “More Sex Toy Companies Should Be Catering to People With Disabilities.” 

The piece, written by Mark Hay, explores different disability-friendly products and the people recognizing sexuality among the disabled. Hay spoke with Nick Mahler, owner of Dallas Novelty, who explained that "there are more hands-free and digitally controlled devices than ever before, which is great for people with mobility issues.

"This process is getting easier as sex toys become more visible, commonplace and diverse," Hay wrote. "There are also more flexible toys that can be bent into the desired shape, harnesses and straps that can be used to mount toys or hold one in place during sex and even silicone dildos that can be molded into new shapes."

Hay listed just a few examples of the sex toys that have arisen in recent years, noting that sex toy manufacturers have been trying to keep disabled consumers in mind, "IntimateRider makes a sex chair specialized for people with mobility issues that makes having sex easier. Hot Octopus draws on medical technology used for spinal cord injury patients that allows them to ejaculate without erections or penile sensation... Tantus makes lightweight and ergonomic products specifically so that people who fatigue easily or have poor muscle control can use them. And the bondage-focused company Sportsheets has created straps and harnesses for disabled users, sometimes customized and with direct input from disabled people their team meets at conventions.” 

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