iWantEmpire Ambassadors Featured in Allure Magazine

iWantEmpire Ambassadors Featured in Allure Magazine

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire brand ambassadors Jenna SativaRiley Reyes and Ash Hollywood are featured in the current issue of Allure magazine, available here.

The three adult superstars joined iWantEmpire’s team of makeup artists in a feature story about beauty, work and life in the adult industry.

“I was thrilled to be a part of such an interesting article,” Sativa said. “It gives readers a glimpse into the relationship between adult performers and the talented makeup artists who bring out our beauty and glamour, whether at an industry function or on set for a sexy shoot!”

The Allure article, penned by Lynsey G, featured the acclaimed artists as they shared their experiences maintaining their glamour while on set.

“If I'm eating ass and [my co-star] gets her ass up and she wipes my face on her ass, it smears everything. I'm like, 'What the hell? Where's my contour?'” Sativa told Allure.

Lynsey G also demonstrated the challenge facing make-up artist Rebecca Lee Castro, who must show the stars at their best — no matter if it is a shoot, public appearance or industry trade event.

"I need to match what their fans are seeing in their videos and online. I want to make sure that [performers] can bring that to the convention floor," Castro said. “It can be a challenge, especially since lighting on show floors is provided by overhead fluorescents instead of carefully arranged set lighting.”

For Reyes, there is no substitute for great makeup.

“When you're making the transition from the stress of your day, your drive over to the set, whatever — they put you in makeup and you become a star," she said. "I become 'Riley.”

Jay Phillips, co-founder and president of iWantEmpire, said the company always hires a team of makeup artists for our ambassadors, “and when we learned Allure wanted to tag along, we were happy to open the doors.”

iWantEmpire offers fans a diverse community of artists and performers through its network of sites — iWantClipsiWantCustomClipsiWantPhone and iWantFanClub.

“All the artists did an amazing job,” Phillips said. “It’s a fun read with lots of insight.”