Satisfyer: Technology Never Subject of Suit Despite Womanizer's Claims

BERLIN — Pleasure products maker Satisfyer has issued the following press release in regards to patent infringement claims made by Womanizer.

The company said the following:

In front of Dusseldorf District Court, NOVOLUTO GmbH (Womanizer) brought to the Judge's attention their concerns that an old version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 (discontinued since a longer time) was infringing their patent. We have already filed an appeal against it so that this legal action is still pending. 

Also EIS GmbH had already stopped to manufacture and sell this old and prior version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 long before the issuance of this decision and long time ago implemented an improved own technology in the new Satisfyer Pro 2 within Europe, North and South America, Asia and Pacific (patent pending P 3 228 297 A1, US 2017/0281457 A1, CA 2 943 097 A1, WO2017/174607 A1, AU 2016208327 A1, JP 2017-185220 A, MX 2016015501 A, CN107280939 A, BR 10 2016 023617 7 A2, registered German Utility Model DE 202016 008 435 U1.

This Satisfyer technology never been subject to any court proceedings of any kind anywhere from anyone (also not in Germany)! This new technology which makes evident our innovative strength and even has a still greater commercial success on the market is used for the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation and also without any exception in all other Satisfyer models like Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, Pro 4 Couples, Pro Plus Vibration, Pro G-Spot Rabbit, Pro Traveler, Pro Penguin and Satisfyer 1 plus 2.

Satisfyer new technology being fully different to Novoluto's patent is shown in patent applications we have filed in USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and also Europe, Mexico, Australia and South Africa, and a utility model has already been registered in Germany. The new Satisfyer technology never been subject to any court proceedings of any kind anywhere from anyone!