Angela White, Markus Dupree in TrenchcoatX's 'Games We Play'

Angela White, Markus Dupree in TrenchcoatX's 'Games We Play'

LOS ANGELES — TrenchcoatX has announced the release of “Who’s Becky,” the second episode of “Games We Play” a collection of vignettes from director/creator Kayden Kross showcasing couples that “play together — everything from head games to light BDSM.”

Angela White and Markus Dupree are involved in a “twisted game of obsession, a push-and-pull of attraction and repulsion as they both fall into the dynamic that promises to keep pulling them back together.”

Kross said, “I wanted to create a situation between a couple where the thing that was tearing apart their relationship was the same thing that sexually ignited them, thereby creating an obsession that would constantly cause this hot-wired rift and reunion.”

The co-stars were hand-selected by Kross for the passionate scene “because they have the unique ability to be this intense and personal.”

“Angela and Markus were both so authentic in their roles that the interaction has left a shadow of feeling on me that I can’t quite shake,” Kross added. “It’s deeply erotic because it emotionally transports you to where they are, and you feel what’s at stake … it's also one of the few scenes where the transition to anal sex didn’t feel so much obligatory for the viewer but necessary for the two people in the room.” 

White commented, "I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to explore a range of conflicting emotions in this scene. This story has layers and an affective depth that I don’t often have the luxury or freedom to delve into.

“Kayden takes directorial risks through her willingness to play with dynamics of lust and anger, strength and vulnerability,” she continued. “The resulting sex is both beautiful and devastating. This is different. Nobody has seen me like this before."

Dupree said, "This scene was my best acting. Not one of my best — the best. Only this one. Angela White cried for real and it turned me on. Kayden's script is very real. It's what's happening at home every day. You fight, you love and you have passionate sex. Kayden explained the details of what she wanted and it woke up the animal inside of me, and Angela White is an unbelievable performer. It's a very unique experience for me." 

“Games We Play” Episode 2 “Who’s Becky” is now available here. Episode 1 “He’s Not Supposed to Tease” (with Ashley Lane and Tyler Nixon) is up now on TrenchcoatX.