Jiz Lee Profiled by The Daily Dot

Jiz Lee Profiled by The Daily Dot

CYBERSPACE — Adult performer, crossover actor and sexual health advocate Jiz Lee has been profiled by The Daily Dot. 

Lee, who was one of the first non-binary adult performers to come out, has appeared in over 200 titles as well as episodes of "Transparent." They told The Daily Dot's Claire Lampen their sexuality has been contextualized by adult industry work, that “the way my body and desires have changed over the years is incredible — the way my body responds to orgasm — what kind of sensations I like and how I sound when I come [have all] evolved over the years.”

A decade-plus veteran of the adult industry, Lee explained to Lampen that they became interested in the job after seeing “a queer porn screening at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.” They said, “Exhibitionism was thrilling to me and the idea that performing in porn was something I could do without changing how I looked or the ways I wanted to have sex was a huge attraction.”

They explained that “as a person who was assigned female at birth, many things that society expects of me as a ‘woman’ feel unnatural,” and that “masculine signifiers ... didn’t feel natural, either." Lampen wrote, "As such, the gendered roles Lee typically encountered in the adult industry felt limiting.”

Lee has positions on- and off-camera at Pink & White Productions, where they work to create “opportunities for porn performers that more accurately reflect LGBTQ+ communities [by casting] queer and trans performers of color, people of size, people with disabilities, older queer folks.”

They stressed the importance of a paying audience to maintaining ethics in the industry.  “‘Ethical porn’ consumption starts when you pay for it,” Lee said. Lampen said of Lee's thoughts on the matter, “What too often goes overlooked is the role consumers play in porn consumption.”

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