Fluid Player Now Supports Pre-, Mid-, Post-Roll Video Ads

Fluid Player Now Supports Pre-, Mid-, Post-Roll Video Ads

DUBLIN — Fluid Player has announced its free, open source HTML5 video player has been updated with several key new features.

According to the company, Fluid Player is aimed at publishers’ sites that display video content, and can also be used as a video monetization tool usable with any video ad server, ad network or ad exchange to display video ads to the site’s visitors.

“With Google Chrome’s new restrictions now in place, the industry is moving towards a better user experience,” says a Fluid Player spokesperson. “Compliant formats such as video advertising are one of the key revenue drivers for publishers and advertisers this year.”

Fluid Player’s new features include support for more ad formats, including mid-roll and post-roll videos, in addition to the existing support for pre-roll video ads, while a new clickable logo functionality allows URL links on embeddable logos, with timeline seeking and scrubbing allowing for better control when searching through a video.

VAST non-linear banner overlay support works similar to in-video ads, allowing insertion of an image (GIF/JPEG/PNG) during video playback, while keyboard function control allows end-users to easily control Fluid Player via a number of new keyboard shortcuts, such as clicking the space bar to pause video playback, and can be disabled.

Finally, a customizable control bar enables users to control the fade in and out of the player’s control panel when the user moves their mouse in and out of focus of the player.

“Fluid Player is fully customizable to fit in with the look and feel of a publisher’s site. It includes multi-device and browser support as well as supporting multiple resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080p.  In addition, publishers can configure ‘Skip Ad’ and ‘Call to Action’ buttons,” the spokesperson adds. “Fluid Player is industry standard VAST compatible … and developers can add and share their new features on GitHub.”

Fluid Player can be downloaded from GitHub.

For more information, click here or email info@fluidplayer.com.