Screaming O Debuts Toggle Technology With Charged Positive Remote

Screaming O Debuts Toggle Technology With Charged Positive Remote

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O introduces the Charged Positive Remote, a rechargeable high-powered bullet vibrator with a toggling remote control.

Multi-function vibrators frequently use a cycling single-touch controller, meaning one wrong click can interrupt the perfect buzz and require scrolling through all the other modes before hitting that favorite again. But in their “continual quest to make healthy sex accessible,” a rep says, Screaming O has “pioneered an innovative remote that cycles up and down, allowing users to more easily find the mode that moves you.” 

Account Executive Conde Aumann said, “We’re always seeking to streamline our products so our customers can have the smoothest journey to the peak of pleasure, and our new toggle functionality makes finding bliss a breeze.”

Powered by the Positive motor, the new toy offers Screaming O’s most robust vibrations and features their signature deep-penetrating, low-frequency waves. 

The Charged Positive Remote works from up to 40 feet away and includes an optional wrist strap for extra active play sessions. Certified body-safe, the sleek plastic bullet offers 20 functions and can rumble longer than 60 minutes on a single charge. The vibrator is backed by a 2-year limited warranty and comes with Screaming O’s secure USB charger as well as a charging stand that doubles as a massage finger cradle.

The Charged Positive Remote is now available through Screaming O distributors and retailers. For more information, contact Conde.