iWantEmpire's Goddess Haven Featured in Topic Magazine

iWantEmpire's Goddess Haven Featured in Topic Magazine

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire’s financial domination artist Goddess Haven shares the secrets to her success in Issue No. 06 of Topic magazine. 

“I have worked very hard to build my brand, and it is amazing to be in a position where media want to speak to me about my journey. I am incredibly proud of the road I have traveled, and it’s an honor to share my story with Topic magazine and its readers," Haven said. “Being an artist is more than just sharing art. It’s peeling layers away that reveal who we really are and then letting other people see what we have uncovered. To be able to create a career and monetize my stature and my confidence and my beauty is a dream come true.”

The popular fetish artist spoke about her early days in adult entertainment when she first became a go-go dancer, and then she moved on to webcamming before she had even heard of financial domination. “There’s no way this is real. There’s no way men can give you money for no reason,” she told Topic’s Susannah Breslin.

“As Haven sees it, findom is ‘a power exchange with financial transactions,’” Breslin wrote. “The men are surprisingly normal, she says. ‘A lot of these guys are, like, really stable people, but they really just want a switch up from their everyday routine.’ Many, she says, are white collar professionals — CEOs, lawyers, real estate investors — in their 30s or older. Some men do financial domination — straight, gay, posting photos of their abs or dick pics to social media to attract willing pay pigs — but far more women are financially dominating men.”

But for iWantEmpire president and founder, Jay Phillips, the article offers a glimpse into the liberating and empowering opportunity that artists share on the online platform. “Haven, like many of our artists, is an empowered woman making a future for herself with her art,” he said. “Her passion, creativity and entrepreneurial instincts have made her a great success. She inspires us and many of her fellow artists. I couldn’t be happier to see her brand succeeding so well, and for her to be receiving all of this media attention; it is truly wonderful!”

Breslin goes on to write: “According to Haven, she deserves what she gets. ‘Women were meant to be happy and pampered, while men work.’ Women who get into this, she says, ‘just want to take control over our lives.’ (Some men have told her that a woman of color who does what she does should charge less than a white woman doing the same job.)”

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