Say It With A Condom Debuts 'frankly,' Condoms

Say It With A Condom Debuts 'frankly,' Condoms

LOS ANGELES — Say It With A Condom has announced the debut of frankly, condoms, a new line “without an angle, without a marketing company.”

According to the company, 'frankly,' is “all about being straight with you,” with straight talk about safe sex that can help organizations, universities, and outreach campaigns have real impact.

“This is not about condoms,” explains a spokesperson. “This is about taking care of each other.”

“We know what we’re creating isn’t just a tagline; it’s a movement — and a lot of people will be affected by it. That is why our goal is to create impactful condom-marketing campaigns that inform, educate, and engage,” the spokesperson concludes. “Our clients choose frankly, because they know it will bring their message the attention it deserves.”

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