Discusses Valentine's Day in 3 New Articles

LONDON — is going all in for Valentine's Day this year with three new articles that tackle the fine art of holiday romance, love and money.

In “Gifts to Make Your Valentine's Date Go Wow!,” Harriet Sugarcookie advises on the best presents with an infographic about the best classic Valentine's Day gifts ("chocolates and flowers — just because it seems very cliched doesn’t mean it’s bad"), experience gifts ("a mini-holiday, a spa day or something out of the box like a hot air balloon ride can be a fun surprise") a romantic meal and a really good date ("spending some quality time together can be one of the best gifts").

In “Fun Facts about Valentine's Day,” Sugarcookie polled fans and researched current survey statistics and trends and noted, "it’s probably obvious that a lot of sex happens on Valentine’s Day. Have you ever wondered why so many people seem to be born around Nov. 14?"  

Sugarcookie also noted that "condom sales are the highest … according to Durex, it goes 20-30 percent higher than usual … there is also a sales increase in at-home pregnancy tests in March, when there are more tests sold than in any other month." 

Sugarcookie also recommends tips for the lonely in “Alone on Valentine's Day? How to Get a Date Fast!,” such as trying a blind date ("It can feel hit or miss, but if you go in without expectation you might be surprised") or online dating ("get yourself out there in virtual space") or join a club ("whatever your interests are, there’s going to be a club or meet-up out there for it.")

"At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day isn’t even a real holiday,” Sugarcookie said. “It’s a day we use to sell chocolate, cover things in pink glitter and remind ourselves the world is a wonderful place filled with love and teddy bears. Whatever you decide to do, know that there’s no wrong answer or way to spend it."