ClickCastX Drops Flash Dependency

ClickCastX Drops Flash Dependency

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced an upgrade to its content management solution that completely eliminates Flash dependencies from its platform.

While Flash is still supported for those users who wish to continue using it, it is no longer required to operate all of ClickCastX’s advanced functions.

“For those us who remember when the web first started, Adobe Flash was a powerful and awesome tool,” ClickCastX’s Claude Lai said. “It allowed video streaming through Adobe’s Flash Media Server, as well as a multiple of Flash Video Players that were available. Flash allowed online games to be created for the first time, as well as very dynamic websites to be built with animations and intensive graphics.”

Flash was able to quickly load these applications because it compressed the operative elements so well.

“Most people — more than 90 percent — had Flash installed in their browser. It was also easy to install on any browser and fast became the standard for website and game development as well as video delivery,” Lai says. “But it seems that the year 2018 means the death of Flash.”

Lai notes that despite its capabilities, Apple and Android have blocked Flash for security reasons.

“Google Chrome does not allow you to even use Flash unless your site is secure and is phasing it out completely soon,” Lai said. “No tablets or phones work with it.”

Developers who oppose Flash have also said that it takes up too much memory and is slow compared to newer technologies such as HTML5.

“In our ClickCastX platform, users can now watch videos live or not, without Flash, and also have all the features Flash used to [offer such as] overlays and text ads over a video, watermarks over video, etc.,” Lai added. “Our clients can also have their models go live using their mobile phone or tablet without Flash [by] using a free app.”

“From my perspective I will say Flash was amazing in what it did,” Lai concluded, “but as [with] anything technology moves forward!”

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