XR Brands Debuts 'Athena's Deluxe Sex Machine' With Customizable Penetration System

XR Brands Debuts 'Athena's Deluxe Sex Machine' With Customizable Penetration System

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has unveiled its newest offer, “Athena’s Deluxe Sex Machine,” the mechanical pleasure innovation from Lovebotz, equipped with a customizable penetration system.

According to the company, “Athena’s Deluxe Sex Machine” provides powerful and steady stroking motions at multiple angles, and is built with special capabilities for delivering double penetration in a variety of positions — making it one of the most versatile pleasure machines on the market.

Athena’s Deluxe Sex Machine is built with two independently controlled thrusting arms and a powerful motor that lets users choose the perfect penetration speed, from a smooth 50-strokes-per-minute all the way up to a pounding 250. When it comes time to change positions, users can easily adjust the machine to accommodate 13 different angle settings — allowing it to point straight up, straight down, and everywhere in between — and enjoy single and double penetration with a simple setting switch.

Each dildo is held in place by two solidly constructed thrusting arms, easily repositionable to allow for a comfortable distance between them and making it easy to experience the kind of powerful double penetration once reserved for fantasies and porn plotlines. Each thrusting arm is adjustable to drive at a particular length, and an extension arm can be purchased separately to add an even longer thrust.

“Athena’s Deluxe Sex Machine is one of our most industrially advanced sex machines, thanks to the engineering required for the independent thrusting arms to operate at optimal capacity,” XR Brands General Manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “Sex machine fans love to experiment with mechanized pleasure, which is what Lovebotz is known for, and we are proud to offer a new machine that can fulfill so many more fantasies. The opportunity to customize the user experience is a huge selling point for this item and we expect ‘Athena’s Deluxe Sex Machine’ to be a big seller in 2018.”

“Athena’s Deluxe Sex Machine” is made with metal and ABS plastic and comes equipped with a 7-inch TPR dildo and a 6.5-inch silicone anal insertable.

For more information, email info@xrbrands.com.