Falcon Debuts 'A Night at the Entourage'

Falcon Debuts 'A Night at the Entourage'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group has announced the release of its latest feature, "A Night at the Entourage," which is now available at the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Directed by Tony Dimarco, the bathhouse-themed title stars Roman Todd, Brent Corrigan, Brett Dylan, Gabriel Cross, JJ Knight, Sean Maygers, Tyler Roberts, Pierce Paris and Skyy Knox.

“This film celebrates the vibrant and bold culture of gay bathhouses,” director Tony Dimarco said. “I wanted to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Therefore, nothing in this movie is that far fetched. Outside of everyone being a muscle stud, this movie could actually happen in any bathhouse on any night of the week.”

Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti remarked, “This is a great tribute to the reality and fantasy that has been driving horny guys to bathhouse’s for so many years. This isn't so much a sexual fantasy as it is a reality for a lot of gay men. Sex in the grocery aisle is a fantasy. Sex at the bathhouse can be simply a Tuesday night.”

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