FSC Issues 2nd Fungal-Infection Advisory for Talent

FSC Issues 2nd Fungal-Infection Advisory for Talent

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition said this afternoon that it has received numerous reports of ringworm — a fungal infection that also causes athlete’s foot and jock itch — among adult performers.

FSC is calling for any performer who suspects they may have the infection to stop working until the infection is clear.

“Over the past week, the number of reports by adult performers of ringworm has jumped,” said Eric Paul Leue, the FSC’s executive director.

“While this can be an easily treated condition, it can be painful and might open performers to secondary infections. It’s crucial that we halt the spread before the issue becomes any larger. If reports continue, production suspensions may become necessary.”

The FSC said that most ringworm symptoms disappear within several days, but the course of treatment can take several weeks. If the situation is not resolved through treatment and precautions, a prolonged suspension of production may be necessary.

“Ringworm is easily treated with over-the-counter antifungals. Performers are encouraged to consult with a medical professional or pharmacist to determine the best course of treatment, and length of time before returning to set,” the FSC said.

“We are consulting with performers, public health officials and experts on the best course of action,” Leue said. “We will have a clearer picture on possible next steps in the coming days.”

FSC released its second advisory on ringworm today, with instructions for performers, agents, producers and crew on how to detect and prevent the spread of the fungus.