Studio 20 Girls Plan Valentine's Day Special

Studio 20 Girls Plan Valentine's Day Special

CYBERSPACE — The #GirlsFromStudio20 have announced a Valentine’s Day special, where they will host dates for their favorite members.

“What is Valentine’s Day but a chance to express yet again your love to that special person in your life? May that person be your S.O., a family member or your pet … even your favorite cam girl,” a Studio 20 spokesperson teased.

With the help of LiveJasmin’s new feature, the girls have scheduled shows where they will wear “sexy outfits that will for sure entice everyone’s imagination.” For their fans, the girls will also photos with their autographs.

The albums will be available to all those who will join the girls’ VIP fan clubs and have exclusive premium content. If the fan is already a member, the albums will be free.

“You always create a bond, my favorite members know what we have and know how special they are for me,” said Aubrey Novaa, “So I think it’s an incredible idea to show my love to them. It’s in the little things, like I always said. So be prepared to have the best V-Day. You can bring the wine, I’ll bring my sexy back!”