Je Joue Promotes Sexual Wellness With Valentine's Day Cards

Je Joue Promotes Sexual Wellness With Valentine's Day Cards

LONDON — Je Joue has collaborated with Colourful Cocks & Quims to support the FPA, a sexual-health charity that recently had its funding cut by the U.K. government.

Colourful Cocks & Quims is a book of illustrations created by more than 50 artists that turns the best genitalia nicknames into art. Je Joue says it picked its favorite designs and made them into Valentine’s Day cards and is giving them away for free through its distributor, Entrenue.

“We were approached to collaborate with Colourful Cocks & Quims and really liked the fun opportunity they offered, drawing attention to a serious matter in a playful way,” Je Joue Marketing Executive Elyshia Barnard said. “It is a fantastic cause and it supports a sex positive notion, which we here at Je Joue believe strongly about. The movement towards increased education is an extremely important principal that we should all be getting behind in our industry.”

Each year, the FPA aims to reach at least 1.3 million people, including many young people through a program that spans advocacy and campaigns, advice and information, as well as education and training.

The support from the collaboration will help deliver relationship and sexual-health education to vulnerable young people; produce high-quality, straight-talking information for young people; campaign to help raise awareness of key issues affecting young people; and break down prejudices relating to sexuality and sexual health. The organization also is helping some of the 400,000 people diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection each year.