Elvie, Exsens Partner for Valentine's Day Promo

Elvie, Exsens Partner for Valentine's Day Promo

LONDON — Elvie has announced it is partnering with Exsens to offer customers a Valentine’s Day kit that was created to “empower women to connect with themselves on a more intimate level.”

Launching today, the exclusive gift-with-purchase Valentine’s Day kit will include the Elvie Trainer, as well as an Elvie-branded cosmetic bag and a discovery set of five Exsens sensual massage oils.

The gift is available free with every purchase of an Elvie Trainer during February through select partners.

According to a rep, the Elvie Trainer is transforming the way women exercise their pelvic floors.

The small pebble-shaped pod is inserted like a tampon and connects to an app that visualizes the exercise, guides the user through five-minute workouts and corrects their technique in response to their muscle movements.

Exsens’ sensual massage oils are made in the south of France using organic, vegan, body-safe and paraben-free ingredients to create a “fun and pleasurable addition to any intimate experience.”

"We are thrilled to partner with Exsens,” said Tatiana Escobar, Elvie’s global head of sales. “We share the same vision of creating quality products for women, while advocating for the importance of sexual health as a fundamental part of a holistic approach to women’s well-being.

"Exsens formulate and produce their products in their own laboratories in France, so Elvie women worldwide can indulge in this sensual massage discovery with confidence in the great tradition of French cosmetics. We are fans." 

Rebecca Pinette-Dorin, North American brand manager at Exsens, added, “Like so many other aspects of female health, pelvic floor strength and problems with incontinence have been pretty much ignored by popular medicine."

"I am thrilled to see a motivated, inspired engineering applied to this aspect women’s health especially by Elvie, an incredible company made up of incredible women. Supporting women in their health and most especially in their sexual health is what we at Exsens strive to do with our own product line. This partnership is just one more way for us to bridge the gap between women and their bodies.”

Available through select local and international partners, including Amorana and Good for Her, Elvie’s Valentine’s Day gift-with-purchase offer will run for the entire month of February.