WoodRocket Debuts 'Tugrats' Parody on PornHub Premium

WoodRocket Debuts 'Tugrats' Parody on PornHub Premium

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — WoodRocket.com has announced its debut of “Tugrats,” the “Rugrats” inspired parody sure to be a hit with Nickelodeon fans.

“Get Nakedlodeon and grab your Nickelotion because WoodRocket is Nickelruining your childhood with ‘Tugrats,’ the live-action porn parody of the show you never thought you’d see a porn parody of, ‘Rugrats,’” says a studio spokesperson, adding, “You’re Nickelwelcome!”

“Tugrats” was written and directed by April O’Neil and Vuko, produced by Lee Roy Myers and Seth’s Beard, and features Lena Paul, Robby Echo, Daisy Ducati, Arielle Aquinas, Shawn Fox and Joeydotrawr.

“Tugrats" premieres today on WoodRocket.com for free, with a premium extended version containing a bonus Angelica and Cynthia sex scene available exclusively on PornHub Premium.

A SFW trailer of “Tugrats” is available on YouTube.