2018 XBIZ Best Actor Charles Dera Launches ToughLoveX.com

2018 XBIZ Best Actor Charles Dera Launches ToughLoveX.com

CYBERSPACE — 2018 XBIZ Best Actor Charles Dera, who won for his role in the multi XBIZ Award-winning "Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy," has announced the launch of his new website ToughLoveX.com, where he channels his alter ego Karl ToughLove.

"ToughLoveX is the chance to go for a ride alongside Karl Toughlove, Charles Dera’s alter ego," Dera told XBIZ. "Karl is addicted to pussy and gets off on scamming women into fucking him. He's rough, abrasive, crude and above all else he’s the most masculine thing men have to aspire to in 2018. Cum with Karl as he breaks all the rules of political correctness and trains sluts to be man pleasers. Karl is a fictional character based around my life experiences and characters I have met. Thanks for watching."

According to a company rep, "Karl ToughLove is the creative vision of adult superstar Charles Dera. Karl’s persona is a combination of whom most men strive to be, combined with whom most women desire to be with. Karl embodies the timeless urge to fulfill every ASSpect of a woman’s sexual needs. ToughLoveX.com is the home of Dera’s brain child and taboo ultra ego ‘Karl ToughLove.’ Join Karl on his weekly uninhibited adventures by joining his free site.

"Members will be able to view tons of free ‘behind the scenes’ content and stream high definition, hardcore erotica," they continued. "Members will also be able to submit ideas for future eXploits and enjoy being Karl’s virtual wingman. Charles Dera is a man on a mission. His resume includes U.S. Marine Corps, world ranked jiu jitsu fighter, professional male model, Chippendales dancer, Playgirl man of the year and award-winning adult actor.

"Feeling the need to push himself to the next level, Dera has decided to produce, write and star in his own net series, free of the constraints that most paid mainstream XXX websites have to adhere to," concluded the rep. "Dera is just getting started. His new mission is to provide high quality adult entertainment that is the definition of hardcore. As a member you will be able to follow Karls eXploits without any financial commitments or re-billing nightmares. What do you have to lose? Find out for yourself by signing up, for free, at ToughLoveX.com."