YanksVR Offers 50 Clips Under $1 on SexLikeReal

YanksVR Offers 50 Clips Under $1 on SexLikeReal

SEATTLE — YanksVR has announced the offering of more than 50 of its most popular virtual reality video clips on VR porn streaming app SexLikeReal — all available now for under $1 each.

According to the all-girl erotica studio, it is joining forces with the "Netflix of VR porn” to establish its amateur content alongside the top virtual reality content providers in the industry.

“For us at YanksVR it was a no-brainer to provide SexLikeReal.com a solid batch of clips for a low price to introduce their massive custom base to our product,” said Todd Spaits, co-founder and CMO of Yanks and YanksVR.

“The success of VR depends wholly on market penetration and education,” Spatis added. “The crew over at SexLikeReal have developed a cutting-edge product and have an infectious passion for the VR space."

YanksVR clips are available for immediate download through SexLikeReal’s platform via XBOX, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard and Daydream headsets.

Fans can follow YanksVR on Twitter @YanksVR.