Video: Jizzcoins Launches Adult ICO

Video: Jizzcoins Launches Adult ICO

LOS ANGELES — Jizzcoins (JCN) has announced the launch of its initial coin offering (ICO) and blockchain-based infrastructure for the online adult industry.

According to the company, the Jizzcoins token will be used within its own ecosystem and beyond, offering various benefits for all target groups.

The main target is to empower its product sites, advertising, broadcasting and affiliate program with blockchain technology to be among the first companies in adult using this new functionality.

Partner integrations and Jizzcoins merchant API solutions including a fully operational Jizzcoins exchange is the second objective on the company’s list.

“Blockchain technology will change the online landscape including the adult industry,” says a Jizzcoins spokesperson, adding, “Funds raised with the ICO will be used to boost all [its] activities and includes media dataset minting features for members, adult stars, models and connected voyeur locations.”

Jizzcoins recently began its presale period, offering buyers a 25 percent discount, with the ICO expiring on April 10.

The Jizzcoins ICO bounty program offers studios, adult stars and models a referral bonus, social media program rewards, an 80 percent revenue share program, and more, including monthly JCN token prizes for the Top 30 models starting once the ICO period has ended.

“After completion of the ICO,” the spokesperson concluded, “the listing process for JCN token will be started at multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, which will make it possible for the public to trade in JCN tokens.”